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Where a cursory glance at GR10K suggests the maddeningly anonymous garb of a plainclothes government operative, echoed in the military handbook-cum-subversive manifesto dichotomy of the brand’s promotional materials, successive passes reveal a self-aware outsider sensibility perfectly suited to all aspiring mimetic agents of change. The label achieves this infiltration and disruption of the accelerating fashion production/consumption cycle by upcycling the non-fashion of production overruns from an undisclosed Italian plant’s archives while leveraging said company’s considerable expertise in technical fabrics and utility-oriented detailing to produce so-called assemblies composed of rugged unisex shirting, outerwear fabricated in recycled materials, and cargo trousers. Exotic by civilian standards, the prevalence of textiles with flame retardant and ballistic properties offers the wearer a measure of protection against any potential burns or shots fired. By thoughtfully applying the almost reductive design constraints inherent to the procurement of uniforms, GR10K handily achieves its stated intention to pivot beyond the entrenchment of minimalism as an aesthetic tool of institutional couture.

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