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The playful experimentation that propelled Berlin-based DJ, producer, and fashion icon Peggy Gou into the spotlight of modern electronic music has found a new outlet with the launch of her women’s streetwear label, Kirin. After performing at an Off-White event, Gou was approached by industry powerhouse New Guards Group to channel her creative prowess into fashion design, spurring the parent company’s establishment of its first womenswear-focused brand. Named after Gou’s most-loved animal—the giraffe—in her Korean mother tongue, Kirin is largely a reflection of the multi-talented artist’s vibrant personal style and energetic personality. Gou manifests her stylistic inclinations in Kirin’s trademark color-blocking, easy-to-pair two-piece sets, and irreverent faux-fur and vinyl constructions, with the aim of equipping wearers with the boost of confidence she gets from her own wardrobe. Kirin’s signature graphics allude to divergent aspects of Gou’s life: Korean mythological motifs, including the lion-like beast ‘Haetae,’ evince an embrace of her heritage while club culture graphics illustrate her deep affinity for nightlife culture. Gou’s individuality is woven among Kirin’s vivid threads, setting the label apart from conventional approaches to women’s streetwear.

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