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Tuscan shoemaker Guidi’s legacy of fine leather craftsmanship goes back to 1896, when the Conceria Guidi Rosellini was established. Today their tannery is run by Ruggero Guidi, striking a balance of heritage craftsmanship and advanced technologies, enhanced by the designer’s own expertise in specialty leathers and treatments. Men’s running sneakers and high-tops take on a modern minimalist aesthetic, while fine leather boots, monk strap shoes, derbys, and oxfords are reimaginings of true classics, each boasting a sleek monochrome profile from hand-crafted sole to toe.

GUIDI footwear has been crafted in Italy from the most refined skins available.

Fine veins, potential scratches, small flaws (ex: little stains) and tonal variations are the result of a vegetal tanning without coating and of a process of handmade production designed to highlight the natural grain of the leather. Given the above, these features should not be considered as imperfections. Nourish and clean the shoes in order to keep the leather smooth, elastic and durable through time.

Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. Do not expose them to any direct source of heat because it could damage the natural tanning of the skin and the life of your shoes will be shortened. In order to assist the drying process, you should leave some paper towels inside them and replace them every three hours; afterwards, you can place them near a weak source of heat. Once they are dry, nourish them again.

Do not store them in damp or unventilated sites.

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